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Online French Lessons

Do you want to master the excellent French language? Perhaps you already know some French and wish to improve. Maybe you aspire to visit a French-speaking nation one day.

There are various options available to help you get started on your French learning experience, whether you desire to study French for personal or professional purposes or just for pleasure. Some people who love independent study choose to learn French with a standard language textbook.

Others like the more contemporary technique of learning French using an app. Others might instead hire a French tutor. Another option is to attend classes online. Online courses might be live, one-on-one or group instruction, or self-paced sessions that you do on your own time. You’ll find the most significant online French lessons here, so you can select the one that’s right for you.

2022’s Top 3 Online French Classes

  • Berlitz is the best overall.
  • FrenchPod101 has the best budget.
  • French Institute Alliance Française is the best option for children and teenagers (FIAF)

1. Best In Class Berlitz

Berlitz, one of the oldest and most well-known language schools, is noted for its immersive, communicative method, in which students use and acquire language naturally for conversation.

The Berlitz organisation has hosted sessions at language centres for years, but now you may take its programmes online. Berlitz-certified instructors teach live French sessions, and you may enrol in either private or group classes.

Berlitz Connect, an online self-paced lesson programme, likewise includes materials and courses for self-study, but you may also plan 30-minute practice sessions with teachers via video conference. It provides a 12-week online group session with 90-minute classes twice a week.

The self-paced Berlitz Connect programme costs around $699 for six months with ten speaking practice sessions or approximately $849 per year with twenty-five speaking practice sessions.

2. Best Value Frenchpod101

FrenchPod101 is a French learning system that includes audio and video courses based on real-life French conversations. The lessons emphasise listening comprehension and pronunciation, and the professors and speakers change to expose you to various voices and speaking styles.

FrenchPod101 produces new content every week, ensuring that its content is constantly current and relevant. You may begin with a seven-day free trial and then join for an essential subscription for around $8 per month.

The basic package offers unlimited access to all audio and video courses and notes and a list of 100 key terms and phrases in French. Premium membership costs roughly $25 each month.

It includes 2,000 French core words and phrases, line-by-line audio conversation for each session, and other features such as personalised word lists, interactive quizzes, voice recording tools, spaced repetition flashcards, an audio dictionary, and a grammar bank.

3. Best For Children And Teens Alliance Française (French Institute) (Fiaf)

The French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) is a New York City-based organisation promoting the French language and culture. It provides in-person and online French education in an immersive, culturally rich environment.

The FIAF’s skilled teachers deliver online classes via Zoom. The FIAF provides one- and two-week refresher courses in French, which would be great for someone who wants a quick refresher before travelling or starting a new career.

A one-week refresher development that meets every day for two hours costs around $300, and a two-week period that meets twice a week for two and a half hours costs around the same. The FIAF also provides instruction at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels for children aged one to four years old and pre-teens and teenagers aged five to seventeen years old.


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