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Tesla is a fantastic technology company. And a terrible automaker. Mt. Kisco’s staff is pleasant, but they are, in a way, way over their heads. The entire delivery experience makes the impression that the children run the daycare. Perhaps it was since it was a Sunday, but we waited over THREE HOURS to be helped and then *another* hour to take delivery.

Even then, the car’s interior was filthy, with most of the interior protective plastics still in place, and the exterior had adhesive from the exterior plastics. Not exactly the experience one would expect when spending that much money on a car.

Bottom line: don’t expect an Audi delivery experience if you buy a Tesla. Plan on a frustrating extended pick-up and a few hundred dollars added to the cost of the car once you take delivery for full detail.

What Are Tesla Plaid Forums?

The yoke steering device is stupid and extremely dangerous at worst. It is generally awkward and impossible to use in any position beyond 90 degrees in either direction. This clumsiness translates into driver inattention and hesitancy, which can easily lead to an accident.

It didn’t get any better for the rest of the three-hour drive home or my spirited drive through the twisties this morning. Elon Musk’s romanticization of Michael Knight is hazardous to everyone. Someone should have told me.

On this one, the Emperor was naked. Hopefully, the NHTSA will do so, and Tesla will remain forced to replace this abomination with an actual steering wheel. It will make everybody on the road safer.

Features OF Tesla

Features OF Tesla

Eliminating stalks is equally stupid and dangerous. Buttons for everything are clumsy, and taking your eyes off the road to find and use them is absurd. The directionals are annoying, but I think I’ll get used to them over time. Lesser-used buttons will be more problematic. Imagine sighted a deer about to jump into the road and then to look down at the stupid-ass direction-finding yoke to find the tiny little horn button.

Overall, the car is outstanding and delivers on its promise of cutting-edge technology and mind-boggling power. However, unless you want to be known as the worst mofo lowdown in town, you should probably stick with the standard Model S.

My wife will be the primary driver of this vehicle. And I am confident that the money we spent on the Plaid upgrade will remain wholly wasted on her. It was an expensive lesson, but bragging rights aren’t worthless, and I’ll have fun with it when she lets me drive it. the Model S Plaid Delivery

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