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How to Perform Smith Machine Hip Thrust

How to Perform a Hip Thrust on the Smith Machine

If you exercise regularly, one area you may be overlooking is your glutes. One reason is that many people have difficulty finding an exercise that adequately loads them up to produce the best results.

Why are hip thrusts performed on the Smith Machine?

Many people swear by traditional exercises for working out their glutes, but the Smith machine allows you to load up on heavy weight and focus it all on the glutes for the best workout.

Those who use free weights will often argue that using a machine eliminates the need to balance the weight, which also works out other muscles. In this case, It may appear that using the Smith machine has this problem, and it most certainly does if that is your ultimate goal.

However, because the Smith machine handles the balance, you can pile on the pounds and focus all that weight on your glutes.

Hip thrusts on the Smith machine are ideal because they provide a complete range of motion. However, it would be best if you stabilized the bar to avoid overbalancing when performing a traditional hip thrust. While many swear by it, it does not always translate into an effective workout.

The fact that you don’t have to stabilize the bar or the weights is where the Smith machine shines. Instead, the Smith machine handles this so you can concentrate on the weight. It also allows for a wide range of motion and constant tension, giving the muscles a thorough workout.

Why Should You Strengthen Your Glutes?

The truth is that if you skip your glute workouts, you’re missing out. Powerful glutes remain required for any squat or deadlift. They not only help you with the other exercises, but they also improve your balance, strength, power, and speed.

Many people are unaware that the glutes work as a group of three muscles. All of these things help to keep your body upright and balanced. In short, When you work out your glutes, you allow yourself with your posture and balance. It will benefit you in all aspects of your life, not just your workouts.

Because these muscle groups are linked, those with stronger glutes also tend to have stronger back muscles. It will benefit all workout sessions and may even help to reduce the likelihood of injury.

How to Make Bigger and Stronger Glues with the Smith Machine

The glutes can increase and can withstand a lot of weight, but you must use your exercise to get the most out of them. Here’s a tutorial on how to do hip thrusts on the smith machine to get a glute workout you truly desire:

1. Proper Installation

Make sure you have a solid weighted bench behind you, and the Smith machine bar is as close to your hips as is comfortable. Many people find that putting a pad underneath it helps to alleviate any discomfort caused by the bar.

If you’ve never done a hip thrust like this before, it’s a good idea to practice with no extra weight on the Smith machine bar. It allows you to become accustomed to how it works, feels, and the range of motion. Otherwise, have the bar set up with some weights.

2. Make use of the Bench

The next step is to lean back into the Bench until your shoulder blades are almost directly above the top of the Bench. It is the position where you can begin to lift your weight and perform hip thrusts.

3. Extend and Push

It would be best if you now pushed upward with your hips to raise the bar so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. At this point, it’s critical to plant your heels on the floor and drive upwards with them. Your shoulder blades should stay pressed into the Bench, supporting your weight as well as the importance of the bar.

4. Replace the Bar

The downward movement should remain done slowly and carefully. The bar should remain returned to its starting position in a single direction. You can perform as several reps as you want.


Using the Smith machine for hip thrusts provides some exceptional benefits when performed correctly. It can even become a staple of your workout because it works out other muscles.

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