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It’s straightforward to determine what foundation, blush, powder, and eyeshadow brushes remain used for, thanks to specific names that are appropriately descriptive, but a fan brush? Who the heck thought that one up? It does appear to be a fan. But let’s face it, that’s not being generous. Sigh. I have many questions because I’m a fan of doing makeup with my fingers (hum, sometimes I don’t feel like cleaning my makeup brushes, K?). So, how is a fan brush used? Why is there a fan shape? And, come on, tell me what the heck a fan brush even is!

I’ve sought the aid of superstar MUA Brandy Allen since it’s my responsibility to provide a case for the fan brush that I can wholeheartedly support and that’ll give you, my fellow readers, some sensible advice in the oh-so-confusing makeup brush world. So continue reading for a quick primer on the fan brush from a cosmetic specialist and a genuinely perplexed woman who wants some answers.

What is a Fan Brush?

Here is the TL;DR if you need to know more right now but don’t necessarily want to read the fan brush bible: According to Allen, a fan brush is a multipurpose cosmetic tool typically used to apply powder products, including blush, bronzer, highlighter, and contour.

What is Fan Brush?

But wait before you all say, “Oh, is that it?!” No, no, it isn’t. Additionally, suppose you’re like me and are ready to go down the [fan brush] rabbit hole (yes, my targeted advertisements have been recommending them for weeks). In that case, you’ll discover that applying powder is only one of the numerous uses for this all-purpose “hidden treasure,” as Allen puts it. According to Allen, [fan brushes] may remain used with cream products, including moisturizers, masks, and cleansers. The real kicker, then? Even applying mascara with a fan brush is an option (more on that below).

How to use a Fan Brush

Various strategies will remain used because there are many ways to utilize a fan brush. First, apply the powder all over the face or where you want to draw attention (whether you’re using a highlighter, bronzer, or contour), advises Allen after dipping the brush into the product and tapping the excess off.

For catching makeup smudges, you may also use a [fan brush]. First, put the meeting beneath your eye to create a barrier between your skin and the shadow to accomplish this, advises Allen. Then, use the [fan brush] to gently wipe away any that might have come onto the skin. Finally, brush the product on while using skincare items like cleansers, creams, and masks. Allen predicts that the application process will go well.

The [fan brush] should be moved back and forth over the mascara wand to collect the product when applying mascara. Avoid clumping, and make sure the bristles remain evenly coated for the best results. Under the lashes, apply the mascara like you would with a wand in a sweeping motion. Layer up and concentrate on the roots for more volume.

What are the best Fan Brushes?

There are many various types of fan brushes, so I’ve categorized them into a few groups and given you the best ones available:

Fans for highlighter brushes

accurate [fan brushes]

Thorough [fan brushes]

mascara [fan brushes]

Fan brushes for applying masks

Discover the various uses for fan brushes below and keep reading for the complete guide.


Fan brushes have ultra-light bristles that remain perfectly shaped to apply powder highlighter down your cheekbone and on the tip of your nose. They can also remain used to remove excess powder from eye shadow.

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