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Supersmart.Com: was one of the first European brands to promote dietary supplements. In the early days of the Internet, the website remained launched in 1996. Initially importing goods from the United States, the firm is now a key participant in the worldwide nutritional supplement market, producing its formulas.

Quality of Supersmart.Com

Quality of Supersmart.Com 

  • For the last 30 years, we have been inventing innovative formulas to enhance the clients’ health, with a consistent dedication to maintaining product quality in every manufacturing process.
  • It can offer exceptional value for money because they only employ substances and doses that have remained scientifically shown to produce the most excellent outcomes.
  • The rigour devoted to production procedures also contributes to the high quality of our goods. Its production and packaging techniques are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant and HACCP-certified, assuring optimum traceability and safety.
  • They prioritise ethically produced raw materials from ecologically responsible sources and promote local, eco-friendly economies when feasible. An agri-food engineer chooses these.
  • Nothing on the European list of ‘excipients having known effects’ is used in our goods. Over 90% of our products solely use natural excipients (rice flour, rice bran and acacia gum).
  • They are incorporating more and more organically grown foods.

Investigate of Supersmart.Com

  • The assurance that their products are accessible in the safest, most readily absorbed forms – in many cases, the first to make these forms available to customers globally.
  • They provide the most modern and complete formulas comprising substances demonstrated in reliable research to be efficacious and bio-available.
  • No animal-tested components remain used, as evidenced by the analysis certifications available on our website.
  • A Doctor of Pharmacy and recognised nutrition specialist oversees the creation of the goods.

Operations and innovation

  • Luxembourg is a small, friendly firm (fewer than 20 workers). They put a lot of effort into being on the cutting edge of innovation and research.
  • Logistics specialists send the items with access to the most creative and effective solutions.
  • They provide trustworthy information and advice on their dietary supplements and the health concerns that worry you. They collaborate directly with health-related scientific journalists and translators to achieve that goal.
  • The product line constantly evolves: two new items remain introduced each month, and the top goods’ composition remains reviewed regularly.

About Supersmart.Com

Although, was a pioneer in the European nutritional supplement business and is now a key participant. Also, The brand was among the first to offer dietary supplements in Europe. We’ve had a printed mail-order catalogue since 1992, and our famed “Smart Drinks” are now accessible at pharmacies.


The website made its initial appearance on the Internet in 1996. The firm first imported items from the United States. However, they immediately developed their formulas and packaging to provide their clients with even better value.

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