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When you ask, “What is one out of one?” you want to know what percent one is out of one.

Here are step-by-step instructions showing you how we calculated one out of one as a percentage:

The first step is to divide one by one to get the answer in decimal form:

one / one = 1.0000

We then multiplied the result of the first step by 100 to obtain the result as a percentage:

1.0000 * 100 = 100.00%

We can prove that the answer is correct by taking 100.00 percent of 1 to get 1:

(1 x 100.00)/100 = 1

Note that our calculator rounds the answers up to two decimals if necessary. Once again, the answer is as follows:


How do we check the result?

If 1% × – 1 = – 0.01 =>

Divide – 0.01 by – 1…

See whether the following results follow: one percent

A brief reminder: when you do 100/100 equals by 100 multiplied then 100 equals is hundred percent.

The value will not change when number is multiply by fraction 100/100.

n/100 = n%, for any number.

The calculatiion of the percentage value:

– 0.01 ÷ – 1 =

(0.01 × 100)/100 =

1/100 = 1%


Your friend has a bag of marbles and tells you that one percent of the marbles are red. Suppose there is one red marble. How many marbles does he have altogether?


100 marbles.

How To: In this problem, we know that the percentage is one, and we stand also told that the Part of the marbles is red, so we understand that the Part is one.

So, that means that it must be the Total that’s missing. Here is the way to figure out what the Total is:

PartTotal = Percent100

By using a simple algebra, we can re-arrange our Percent equation like this:

Part × 100Percent = Total

If we take the “Part” and multiply it by 100, and then we divide that by the “Percent”, we will get the “Total”.

Let’s try it out on our problem about the marbles, that’s very simple, and it’s just two steps! We know that the “Part” (red marbles) is one.

So step one is to multiply that Part by 100.

1 × 100 = 100

In step two, we take that 100 and divide it by the “Percent”, which we remain told is one.

So, 100 is divided by 1 = 100

And this means that total number of marbles is result as 100.


A high school marching band has one flute player. If you see that one percent of the band members play flute then how many members are in band?


So, the answer is 100 members in the band.

How To:

The more minor “Part” in this problem is one since there is one flute player, and we remain told that they make up one percent of the band, so the “Percent” is one.

Again, the “Total” is missing and finding it, and we need to follow our 2-step procedure as in the previous problem.

For step one, we multiply the “Part” by 100.

1 × 100 = 100

For step two, we divide that 100 by the “Percent”, which is one.

100 divided by one equals 100

That means that the total number of band members is 100.

Another step-by-step method

Step One:

Let’s assume the unknown value is Y

Step Two:

First writing it as: 100% / Y = 1% / one

Step Three:

Drop the percentage marks to simplify your calculations: 100 / Y = one / one

Step Four:

Multiply both sides by Y to move Y on the right side of the equation: 100 = ( one / one ) Y

Step 5:

Simplifying the right side, we get: 100 = one Y

Step 6:

Dividing both sides of the equation by one, we will arrive at 100 = Y

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