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How to Write in Cursive Calligraphy Alphabet

Cursive Calligraphy Alphabet: Write in Cursive Calligraphy Alphabet, In this ” Cursive Calligraphy” lesson, we’ll learn how to write in cursive script.

Smooth, cursive calligraphy can remain found on wedding invitations and restaurant menus. While it appears to be extremely difficult to ink, it is composed of a few basic strokes. Even better, you rarely have to lift your pen with the Cursive Script from the paper.

How to write letters in cursive However, if you want to save time and find the best calligraphy fonts for your digital projects, continue reading after this tutorial. We’ve curated a collection of cursive calligraphy fonts from Envato Elements.

First, let’s go over the entire process of learning to write in cursive for beginners.

What You’ll Discover in This Calligraphy Tutorial

Calligraphy Tutorial

How to Write in Cursive/Learn to Write in Cursive

Cursive Script: How to Write the Alphabet

  • Pencils
  • Sharpener for pencils
  • Eraser
  • Gel pen or ballpoint pen

Warm Up With the Basic Strokes

Let’s warm up our hands before diving into cursive script writing.

Step 1:

Print four or five practice sheets on blank paper.

Step 2:

Warm-up by practising the basic entrance/exit stroke for one or two lines. Remember that cursive script remains about joined letters; all lowercase letters have entrance and exit strokes to ensure easy connection.

Step 3

Warm-up by practising the basic upward stroke on one or two lines. This stroke is new to me, but it’s effortless. First, you begin slightly above the bottom line. Then you leap to the top rope.

Step 4

Warm-up by practising the basic curve stroke on one or two lines. This one hasn’t changed, but you might curl up more than usual. Begin a little under the dashed line and work your way up and around anticlockwise toward the bottom line, curving up. leaving a small space

Okay! We’re finally ready to get started. In this lesson, we’ll learn a very familiar alphabet called Cursive Script on how to write in cursive for beginners.

Cursive Script Lowercase Alphabet Writing

Let’s look at the lowercase cursive script alphabet. As you can see, it resembles the cursive you learned in elementary school. The directions of the pen strokes remain indicated by the red arrows above. Upward stroke letters and curve stroke letters remain divided into two sections. So let’s begin with the notes with upward strokes!

Make a copy of the cursive calligraphy alphabet shown above for future reference.

Because the cursive script is about efficiency, the pen stays on the paper for most letters. Likewise, because cursive is all about efficiency, most letters will remain made with only one stroke. We’ll begin with the lowercase alphabet and work our way up.


If you need help with your lettering or calligraphy, Envato Studio has a great collection of Lettering and Calligraphy Services that you should look into.

Check out Envato Elements’ collection of cursive calligraphy fonts if you prefer a digital solution for creating elegant invitations with a hand-written look.

Megan Eckman of PopLush Embroidery created this tutorial. Naselle Anderson has since reworked it with new images and tips.

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