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What is ROM? ROM is the memory in an electronic device when it is not being used. It also is the memory that is non-volatile or non-erasable. Non-volatile memory is the memory that is used to store information and programs in the computer. ROM is also known as Read-Only Memory. Itis a non-volatile memory (NVM) that is only accessible through the computer itself, not through its operating system, applications, or file system. ROM is used in the hard disk drive and in the ROM for data storage.

ROM takes a lot of experience in people handling, project executions, and effort estimations to be reasonable during ROM estimation. Experienced people usually estimate it as a pivotal input to stakeholders and decision-makers.

Benefits Of ROM

ROM is a style of computer storage containing non-volatile, long lasting  data that can only be read usually. ROM contains the programming that permit a computer to start up or regenerate each time it is turned on.

  1. Its static nature means it does not require uplifting.
  2. It is easy to test.
  3. ROM is more reliable than ROM since it is non-volatile and cannot be changed or accidentally altered.
  4. The contents of the ROM can at all times be known and verified.
  5. cheap than RAM.

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