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The best way is to get on smaller tech publications first by building relationships with journalists at smaller publications. After that, when journalists Google your startup, they will see some reason to feature you. Becoming a trusted source of writers can translate into followup pieces and requests for quotes. Start and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with the press.

Tips of Blogging

The way these more prominent publications work is they do not want to be the first to feature you. After that, pitch the reporters who have featured similar companies to yours with a story you think they would feature. After you repeat with enough journalists, you will be featured.

First read the blog. Web Worker Daily is very specific to topics and reviews of products that help web workers work. If your product is a new ad platform, this may not be as relevant than a monitoring and analytics tool or a productivity tool.

Pitch the right thing. WWD rarely covers startup companies nor do they quote CEOs very often but instead focuses on the tool or the problem an app solves.

Identify the right writer. Every writer is different in any given news outlet. My posts on WWD are often infused with my personal experiences and opinions.

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  • We at techies express  welcome fresh and unique content related to Blogging Tips   Blogging  Tips  .
  • techies express  allows a Minimum Of 500+ Words Related to Blogging Tips  .
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  • techies express   allows articles related to Tech, Health, Beauty, Fitness, Education, Crypto  Currencies, Trading, Insurance and Finance, Entertainment, Gadgets and many more.

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