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Beads for Kandi Bracelet Making

Beads for Kandi

Go to Walmart or a speciality bead store for the cheapest beads purchased in-store. eBay has the most affordable beads for sale online, with Amazon coming in second. Pony beads are dirt cheap on eBay.

Charms/Buttons: I usually pay between $0.99 and $2.99 for about eight buttons that I use as charms, and “real” charms in non-pony are a little more expensive. The craft store price is acceptable if you use about one magic per bracelet and don’t make a lot. But I make a lot. Treats are also available at low prices on eBay and in speciality bead stores. It is best to order these in bulk. For example, I paid about $5.00 for 20 metal sunflower charms.

Incredible value In the craft store, these are usually around $0.99. I like Michaels for one-of-a-kind items because their odd-shaped beads are always on sale for low prices, and they have incredible things in the kid toy aisle that you can attach to singles/cuffs to make them more attractive. However, Michaels can get a little pricey for just plain pony beads. I usually pick up stuff there because it’s convenient, and I’m not too fond of the internet. Also, it bothers me when you don’t end up with colour/quality consistency irritates me when making cuffs/projects.

Also, I always arrive with my forearms completely covered in Kandi:) One arm for my unique pieces that I don’t want to part with yet or will only trade with someone else.

I have an exceptional relationship with one arm for all the other trades.

P.L.U.R. Kandi Kids

P.L.U.R. Kandi Kids

More beads, brighter colours, and new designs remain included in our Kandi Kids collection so that you can be the star of your favourite club or the bright spot at the next festival.

If any time we un out of bead in the middle of a project, here is a solution for you. Our beads are now available in large bags and even more giant buckets. So you can now make enough bracelets and cuffs to cover your arms and legs and have some leftovers, or you can go all out and make an entire outfit. Stretch cords and needles remain also included in our 112-pound buckets. They also have a handy recloseable cover and handle for on-the-go creativity.

Brighter Colors – We’ve expanded our colour palette to include more vibrant, neon, and glow colours that stand out under black light. When you’re not on the dance floor, there are black and white beads to bring out the colours. We’ve also added something new to our product line. We now have transparent colours with gold or black flakes and our silver sparkle beads to give your creation a new shine.

New Styles – Our regular barrel and novelty-shaped pony beads and spacers have some new pals. Faceted pony beads, coin beads, novelty-shaped buttons, and slide beads have been added to the collection to give your creations a whole new dimension. We also have a stretch cord and flexible beading needles.

BeadTin Pony Beads can be used to make a variety of items. They remain made from a popular combination of high-quality, bright-coloured plastic known as Hot Kandi Multi. These plastic beads are 9mm in width and 6mm in height. Each has a 4mm hole in the centre. This opening makes it simple to string them on a ribbon, twine, or wire. Make jewellery, hair accessories, keychains, backpack tags, and other items. Each bag is a vibrant mix of colours, including yellow, blue, lime green, orange, and purple. This 9mm bead package contains approximately 500 pieces.

500 BeadTin Hot Kandi Multi 9mm Barrel Pony Beads:

Made in the United States of America from high-quality plastic

Designed in the popular colour scheme #069 Hot Kandi Multi

Each bead is 9mm in diameter, 6mm wide x 6mm tall

The centre has a 4mm opening for easy stringing with ribbon, twine, or wire.

Ideal for children’s crafts, hair accessories, classrooms, and other uses.

The package contains a diverse, multi-coloured assortment; no two bags are alike.

Plastic beads remain sold in packs of about 500 pieces.


Pony beads are the traditional, giant, round-edged beads we all used as children. These will give your kandi a chunky look. Perler beads are smaller than pony beads but just as elegant. These are the ones that could be put in a mould and ironed to make a solid rainbow.

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