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Learn To Draw Lip Outline

 Lip Outline

Lip Outline, In just nine simple stages, we have put up a step-by-step lesson on how to draw lips. A picture accompanies each step-by-step instruction to make it much simpler for you to follow.

You might be shocked to learn that drawing lips is easier than you think! Additionally, all you need to get started drawing is some paper and a pencil!

How to Draw Lips – Let’s become started!

How to Draw Lips – Let's become started!

Step 1

Draw a line moving upwards from the left side of your paper’s middle. Extend a short line downward gradually until it is approximately an inch long.

The left half of the higher lip remains so formed. When a line remains adequately drawn, it should appear like a slope.

Remember to use a delicate touch when drawing the line to prevent it from looking harsh or thick. This contributes to the lips looking more realistic.

Step 2 – Draw a Line Starting the Upper Lip

To make the right side of the top lip, repeat the preceding procedure on the other side. The upper lip’s outline ought to persist until finished at this time.

Remember that the upper lip will be formed by connecting the two lines we created in the previous phase with the one we drew in this one.

To put it in scientific terms, we are drawing the vermillion border of the upper lips on either side of the cupid’s bow.

Step 3 – Draw the Left Side of the Bottom Lip

After finishing the upper lip’s contour, we will go on to the bottom lip.

Draw a downward curving line starting from the left endpoint of the top lip until you are in line with the cupid’s bow.

Remember that your lips will appear fuller the further you drag the bottom lip. Only a slight curve should remain used if you wish to design thin lips.

Draw a downward sloping curving line, however, if you want lips that are larger like the ones in the example.

Step 4 – Complete the Outline of the Lips

Once you’re happy with how the lips look, extend the line we previously drew to the top lip’s right end.

The outline of the lips should continue to break after completing this stage.

Step 5 – Finalize the Form of the Upper Lip

The upper lip’s outline should remain followed while drawing a line inside the lips. The upper lip’s tubercles remain created as a result.

Step 6 – Wrap Up the Form of the Bottom Lip

Draw a curved line from the upper lip’s lower left corner.

The line should remain extended halfway across the lips.

Step 7 – Separate the Upper and the Bottom Lip

Forming the tubercles on the bottom lip, lengthen the line we created in the previous stage until you reach the opposite end of the upper lip.

Additionally, this separates the upper lip from the lower lip.

Step 8 – Next, Draw the Teeth Confidential the Mouth

Draw a slightly curved horizontal line in the vicinity of the plan we produced in the previous step.

In the mouth, this produces teeth.

Step 9 – Add Texture on the Shallow of the Lips

Make sure to include lines representing the texture of a human’s lips. These lines are crucial, especially if you want to create a human face that looks natural.

Continue by tracing numerous curved lines around some of the lip’s edges. These lines typically appear on the lateral tubercles of the upper and lower lips.

Draw these lines without using too much pressure with your pencil. Light strokes must remain used to make the lines more realistic and natural.

The most pleasurable step, choosing colours and painting the lips, can now be done since we have successfully drawn the lips.


Lip Outline, Without lipstick, a person’s lips can have a wide range of colours based on skin tone. That implies that you can use any colour to colour the lips!

You could also use vivid lipstick to add even more colour to it!

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