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Bivvy Dog Health Insurance – Review

Dog Health Insurance

Review of Bivvy Pet Insurance (2022)Review of Bivvy Pet Insurance (2022)

Bivvy seeks to simplify the pet insurance experience by offering a single primary accident/illness policy with a fixed monthly rate and coverage features for all pets, regardless of species, breed, or age.

Our annual review of Bivvy pet insurance examines the intricacies of its overall coverage scope based on:

  • Overall position
  • Highlights of policy
  • Monthly payments
  • Details on annual coverage
  • Included and excluded items
  • Availability in the state
  • Verified customer feedback

Bivvy Pet Insurance Evaluation

Bivvy may be a newcomer compared to other well-known providers, but it is a breath of fresh air for pet owners who are also new to the pet insurance market. Customers can expect standardized benefits that will not skyrocket based on their pet’s health history. obtain cost-effective accident/illness coverage without having to wade through a slew of different coverage options

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bivvy Pet Insurance


  • Regardless of species, breed, size, or age, all policies have the same flat monthly rate.
  • Covers orthodontic costs
  • It does not support any bilateral exclusions.
  • Claims remain processed within one business day.


  • Provides a single base policy that does not allow policyholders to customize their coverage, resulting in less personalized coverage.
  • Only reimburses up to 50% of covered veterinarian expenses.
  • Only available in 16 states.

Plans and Coverage for Bivvy Pets

Bivvy provides coverage for all pets, from hamsters to hounds, under a single primary accident/illness policy with a fixed monthly premium of $14 to $15. The annual coverage limit, reimbursement rate, and other terms of Bivvy Deductibles are also set and cannot remain changed by policyholders.

Bivvy will pay up to $3,500 in eligible emergency veterinary services annually, with a lifetime limit of $25,000. We believe Bivvy could do better in terms of annual payout limits, as the majority of its competitors appear to offer five-figure or unlimited coverage benefits.

If you ever need to file a claim for your pet, Bivvy will only reimburse up to 50% of eligible expenses, assuming your claim is approved. The majority of other providers have maximum reimbursement rates of 90%.

Reviews of Bivvy Pet Insurance

Here are a few snippets of feedback from current Bivvy customers to give you a better idea of what to expect before signing up:

Although, We didn’t need a vet bill with everything else going on. Also, The bill for our furry friend was $260, and after I submitted his claim, I received a response within three days saying I was getting a check for $198! “Highly recommended!”

“It’s not Bivvy’s fault, but I wish there were a way to fix it.” I should have known that my two puppies didn’t have the same insurance. I thought I signed them up for the same thing, but not. Also, Now I’ve missed out on reimbursements I could’ve received if that one box had remained checked. I had to cancel the old policy and start a new one to cover him as the other one does.”

I have a sweet but obstinate kitty who will not let me touch her paws or ears. we have to force her into a carrier to get her to the vet for routine health screenings and a mani-pedi. So I was delighted to find Bivvy because I know how costly vet bills can be. This program will include helping me care for Miss Kitty and give her a longer and happier life.”

Although, Through everything else going on, we did not necessity a vet bill. Also, Our furry friend’s account was $260, and after I submitted his claim, I received a response within three days stating that I would receive a check for $198! “Strongly recommended!”

“It’s not Bivvy’s fault, but I wish there were something I could do about it.” Dog Health Insurance


Though Bivvy’s annual benefits and reimbursement percentages aren’t as generous as its competitors, it still makes it possible for pet parents to secure affordable yet robust pet insurance by offering made-to-order policies at competitively low rates. Dog Health Insurance

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