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Amplity Health

Amplity Health, a top global medical and commercial partner to biopharmaceutical companies, has combined with The Lynx Group, an award-winning medical communications firm focused on oncology and complex medications. [Amplity] and Lynx’s revolutionary merger creates a unique scale player that provides complete commercial and medical solutions to clients and the patients they serve.

The Lynx Group received unique financial advice on the deal from Cain Brothers, a KeyBanc Capital Markets business. The Lynx Group hired Cain Brothers due to its breadth of experience in the pharma services industry, track record of highly pertinent transactions, and broad connections with the universe of possible strategic and financial buyers.

About Amplity Health

[Amplity Health] offers distinctive and transformative solutions to international healthcare organizations worldwide. It consistently pushes the limits of commercial and medical techniques to better patients’ lives. Amplity can assist clients in overcoming any barriers to healthcare commercialization with the knowledge, resources, and data-driven insights they need.

About Amplity Health

[Amplity] offers various services, including outsourced clinical and medical teams, field and remote sales solutions, capability development, and consultancy. But, Customers can thoroughly understand patient-provider interactions and provider treatment reasoning via Amplity’s one-of-a-kind Insights database, which is not available from any other source.

San Francisco Bay Area-based Altamont Capital Partners is a private investment company that has assets of more than $ 3.5 billion under management. It supports the growth of its portfolio companies, collaborates with the top management, and focuses on investing in middle-market firms such as Altamont. The firm’s members are in the financial services, healthcare, and consumer/retail industries and have extensive backgrounds in various sectors and industries.

About Lynx Group

Similarly, Oncology and rare disease states are the primary areas of concentration for The Lynx Group. A leading provider of medical communications and education. Lynx specializes in market access to and with patients, their carers, and advanced practice clinicians. With a combined senior leadership experience of more than 100 years.

Though the lynx consistently develops, it has won many awards for developing medical education. It forms many solid connections with caregivers, severe patient payers, nurses, navigators, practice managers, and pharmacists. It also collaborates with more than 50 leading biotechnology firms and pharmaceutical companies.

The Altamont capital partners obtained the outsourced Publicis Group sales rep operations (PHS Health Solutions) and the call center and started investing in the pharmaceutical marketing sector in January 2019.

Altamont stated at the time of acquisition that it would expand. The company by bringing in expertise in medical communications, data-based analytical insights, pricing, and market access.

But, PHS announced that the business would go by [Amplity Health] starting in May 2019. [Amplity Health] (Amplity) offers pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics companies customized, live channel healthcare sales, service, and clinical solutions. Although, It does this through several brands, including Publicis Touchpoint Solutions, PDI, Tardis Medical, Phrequency, and CustomPoint Recruiting.

RealHealthData, a provider of pharmaceutical data services that specializes in offering patient and provider insights, remain acquired by Amplity in January 2020. But, Amplity Insights, a service product of Amplity, will incorporate RealHealthData.


Clinical and medical outsourced teams. The development of clinical and medical capabilities, companion diagnostic. And precision medicine solutions, medical communications, and expert engagement. Remote and field solutions for patients, payers, and physicians. As well as strategic and access consulting are just a few of Amplity’s many capabilities.

Customers can thoroughly understand patient-provider interactions. And provider treatment reasoning via Amplity’s one-of-a-kind Insights database, which is not available from any other source.

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