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SR-22 Insurance- What is it, and how does it work?

SR-22 Insurance: An SR-22 is a document that certifies a driver’s financial responsibility as needed by their state or court order. An SR-22 is paperwork that remains submitted to your state, not a real “kind” of insurance. This document shows that your motor insurance policy meets the minimum liability coverage mandated by state law.

Describe the FR-44

In that it demonstrates that a motorist has active liability insurance that satisfies or exceeds the state’s minimum coverage requirements, an FR-44 is similar to an SR-22 form. However, the liability standards of an FR-44 are generally more significant than those in SR-22 minimum coverages or state minimums.

Do I need an SR-22/FR-44?

Do I need an SR-22/FR-44?

Not everybody needs an SR-22 or FR-44. States all have different laws. It is often only necessary by the court or required by the state for specific driving-related offences. For instance:

convictions for DUI

negligent driving

accidents involving uninsured motorists

The courts or your state’s motor vehicle department will inform you if you require an SR-22/FR-44.

How do I Obtain an SR-22/FR-44?

Get a free auto insurance quotation from GEICO if you don’t already have coverage through them.

Make sure to choose “Yes” when asked whether you require an SR-22 or a Certificate of Financial Responsibility before continuing to purchase a policy.

Following your purchase, we will get started on the SR-22 or FR-44 certificate submission procedure on your behalf.

If we require any further details to fulfil the request, we’ll get in touch with you.

The form is also available by phoning (800) 861-8380.

Calling (877) 206-0215 will connect you to our customer service department. We will check your policy’s coverages and start the certificate filing procedure on your behalf.

Is there a Fee Associated with an SR-22/FR-44?

Most states impose a fixed cost, while others charge an additional fee.

You must pay this one-time cost when we submit the SR-22/FR-44. Your coverage will only get more expensive if it expires.

We must pay a filing fee for each SR-22/FR-44 we submit. The filing cost will remain paid twice, for instance, if your spouse remains included on your insurance and both need an SR-22/FR-44.

The filing fee might vary. Thus it is essential to know that it remains not included in the rate quotation. You will continue to remain informed of this cost at the time of purchase.

How Long is the SR-22/FR-44 Valid?

As long as your insurance coverage is in effect, your SR-22/FR-44 should be valid. We must inform the appropriate state authorities if your insurance policy stays cancelled while you’re still obliged to carry an SR-22/FR-44. You risk losing your ability to drive if you don’t keep up continuous coverage.


State-specific SR-22 nomenclature and specifications may differ; however, the following principles should remain remembered:

  • An SR-22 document demonstrating three years of continuous insurance coverage will likely be required (longer in some states).
  • Your insurance provider must inform the state that your coverage expires or lapses during this time.
  • Your licence may remain suspended if you don’t follow the guidelines in your SR-22.
  • Your SR-22 status usually is removed if you correctly satisfy the time restrictions set out by your state.

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